Joseph G. Buchman, PhD
4 July 2014
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4 July 2014

Anna's countdown to college, Cindy's and mine to empty nesting --



29 June 2014

A list of over 160 free documentaries on the Internet

26 June 2014

A year from now, June 2015, how accurate do you believe this guy's predictions will be?



22 June 2014

One month until my dad's 90th birthday! (Although the party will be a few days later, Saturday July 26th, at his church in New Albany Indiana. If you have not yet received an invitation, send an email).

I could use immediate help with is the translation of the Mandarin and Spanish language testimony from last year's Citizen Hearing. See:


17 June 2014

Three students have been murdered over my tenure teaching at three different universities; I think about them often.

Julie Cunningham, Tommy Baer, Seth Krona.

November 15, 1987, in the middle of running a month-long human subjects experiment for my PhD dissertation, Julie was murdered while jogging on the campus of Western Michigan University. I had to stop data collection; the community was traumatized. Less than a year later, the very day I arrived to begin teaching at the University of Tennessee, August 21, 1988, Tommy was stabbed through the heart while standing in the doorway of Boy Scout related fraternity on campus. On January 27, 2001 Seth fell at another fraternity party, this one at Indiana University, and rather than call for help his friends put him to bed thinking he was drunk (he was) but waited two days before realizing he was seriously injured (he had cracked his skull). He had slipped into a coma during that delay and died, after his parents consented to his being disconnected from life support, on February 4.

I joined the Campus-Community Collation on Alcohol Abuse Prevention at IU; took out a full-page ad in the student newspaper urging Seth's friends (friends?!?) to talk about what happened; sent editorials to newspapers in Tennessee and Indiana, and tried to do something; to which one faculty "colleague" disparagingly told me, "They start drinking in High School; there's nothing you can do. If you want to make a difference in the world, fight AIDS in Africa."

I'm still disgusted by that callous, heartless, reckless attitude; all to0 common, at least in my experience, among the faculty. No campus is safe; and few if any of its student-residents as vigilant as they should be . . .


14 June 2014

Just got an invitation to be one of the Visionary Speakers (joining THESE GUYS) at Camp Palenque Norte. If you're in Black Rock City on Wednesday August 27, join me there, 4PM to 5PM!


11 June 2014


Jim Carrey's full commencement address is here.

Also good stuff here!



The result of the above view of life -- or "How to completely destroy an academic career and love every moment!"

1) resign a tenured faculty position. ✔ (2001)

2) run for the United States Congress as a "third party" candidate. ✔ (2008)

3) call for "UFO disclosure" (at the National Press Club -- for a week) ✔ (2013)

4) post about it on the Internets. ✔ (2014)

Citizen Hearing photo

Joe Buchman, Merril Cook, Carolyn Kilpatrick, Roscoe Bartlett, Lynn Woolsey, Darlene Hooley, Danny Sheehan
(Senator Gravel is behind Congressman Bartlett.)